“vulnerable road user” bill filed in RI



“vulnerable road user” bill filed in RI

At our request Representative Joe McNamara (D-Warwick) has filed H5865 which increases the penalties if a “reckless” driver seriously injures or kills a vulnerable road user, which includes bicyclists, pedestrians, wheelchair users, highway workers, skateboarders, those driving animals or ag equipment. The bill was assigned to House Judiciary , the Committee that last year approved the safe passing bill.

Similar bills have passed in NY and Delaware and have been introduced in CT and MA.

I’m not sure I would have drafted it the way the Legislative Council did, for one thing I think the penalties, including jail time, may be too severe.  Read the online version of the bill . If you do, it would be appreciated if you posted your comments here.

Note other bills filed increase penalties for drunk drivers and repeat offenses by motorists and to ban hand-held cell phone use while driving.