RAB Moving Day – Saturday Feb. 19th



RAB Moving Day – Saturday Feb. 19th

This coming Saturday, Recycle-a-Bike is gathering for their first moving day.  We received the following request:

We are looking for 12-15 volunteers to help us take down our shed. The day will be broken into two shifts, 8am – noon and 1-5. We’re looking for people to help out either in the morning or afternoon.

If you can help, please email Peter at pow3@cox.net and let him know what part of the day you can work.

If you plan to volunteer, please bring along sturdy warm gloves, warm clothes that can get messy, shoes that are safe around snow and ice, and some food to keep yourself energized.

Listed below are some items needed to make the day go smoothly.

It would be helpful and much appreciated if you could bring along or drop off an have any of the following:

Prybars, Wunderbars etc
Collapsible sawhorses
Cordless drills or screw guns

We are also in need of a pick-up truck. Please let Peter know if you’re able to supply a truck for any part of the day.

Thanks for sticking by our side during these exciting changes! Hope you can come out this weekend and pitch in a few hours!