Cycling Sucks



Cycling Sucks

Is it just me, or does this video remind you of the good old days when you just got into your car?

The next time you have second thoughts about not riding your bike somewhere, even when it’s cold, just remember all the joys of the common alternative 😉


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  • Labann
    Apr 11, 2013 at 9:42 am

    Just replaced a timing belt ($600), another of the numerous maintenance items that a typical car requires by mile 100,000… components, filters, fluids, tires, and whatnot that prematurely fails. On average motorists pay $7,800/yr on vehicle ownership. Wasted months of time arranging, transporting, waiting, and working to pay for vehicles. Cycling saves a lot of time. Bicycles are the freedom machine, but they are not free by any means. You have to carefully consider routes and things to take, whereas motorists thoughtlessly and wastefully carry everything.