VeloSprints Resumes!



VeloSprints resumed last night at Eastern Mountain Sports in Cranston. It was great!  Some folks who have been kind of checking it out, but weren’t sure tried it and learned that sprinting 500m is a whole different – and engaging challenge – from what they thought.  And EMS is a great place for VeloSprints in January, February and March.  The rig is nestled in between the bike equipment and the kayaks!  What better way to forget the winter cold for a few hours than by surrounding yourself with the trappings of warm weather sports.  Hey guys, could we get some palm trees for next week?

See you all next Wednesday at Eastern Mountain Sports in Cranston at 7:00pm.

To see who won the race featured above, click the pic…

The spinning of passion for cycling into good for the community that is VeloSprints continues tonight at Waxy O’Connor’s in Foxboro at 7:00.  Come on in and join the fun!  Spin for the night or register for the entire tournament and compete to qualify for great prizes.  More at