Gubernatorial Statement – Chafee



Gubernatorial Statement – Chafee

The third response we’ve received for our request to gubernatorial statements on bicycles:

I love to bike, and I’m glad to live in Rhode Island, where the natural beauty of the state can be enjoyed through its bike paths.  About once a week, I bike from my house in Warwick around a loop of a few miles out to the Quonset bike path.  It’s a great way to stay in shape, relax, and enjoy the view.

When I was in the Senate, I made sure that part of transportation bills that were up for a vote would include money for bicycles as well as other types of alternative transportation.  In the 2005 Highway Bill, I secured $10 million for the Blackstone River Bikeway, which connects historic sites in the Blackstone Valley historic area named after my father, John Chafee.  Other bike trails that received funding in that bill include the Northwest Bikeway, the South County Bike Path, and the Colt State Park Bike Path.

As Governor, I would continue to support biking–from safety education measures to bicycle path creation and maintenance, to making our cities more bike-friendly.  With new energy and health challenges on the horizon, I think biking has a great future in Rhode Island.


  • Labann
    Oct 27, 2010 at 5:29 am

    So, with Robatille refusing to pander, lock step with Bush's anti-cycling, pro-oil Republicanism, who does RI Bicycle Coalition support?

    Suppose it doesn't much matter. State is bankrupt, can't even raise matching funds to complete projects. RIDOT Director Lewis said that 100% of federal endowment will, in 4 years, be strictly used for paying owed interest from previous projects.

    Geo Redmond/Washington Bridge: Will you see it in your lifetime?

    Tioque Ave resurfacing: Nothing being done to improve cycling from frequently used Arnold Rd to Sawmill (leads to Coventry Greenway), just like Elmwood Ave., Lambert Lind Highway, and Reservoir Avenue.

    Union Ave Bridge removed: forces bicyclists through Olneyville traffic snarl. Somebody will die.

    Instead of taking scofflaw cyclists to the woodshed, you ought to be riding herd on projects still incomplete, like the Apponaug Circulator, whose plans show no cycling improvements and likely will close off another route we frequently use. Seems the more I mention losing bikenet here, the faster it disappears. Coincidence?

  • Barry
    Nov 1, 2010 at 8:09 am

    With the election tomorrow, bike policy is no doubt a small part of what goes into deciding your vote, but I do want to note that Chafee is not "pandering" as thr unpleasant note above suggests, but accurately noting his record of great help to our bike program as US Senator and his personal interest in biking. It is disappointing to me tht Robataille just doesn't seem to care at all. A Governor does make a difference, Governor Almond really moved the bike program ahead, but we just had 8 years of another Governor that didn't care and the program largely stalled except for what our Congressional delegation got. Its also sad to me (I have been a Republican candidte for General Assembly) that despite the fine history, today's Republican candidates have totally turned their back on biking, tranportation infrastructure investment, and environmental protection.

  • Labann
    Nov 1, 2010 at 11:56 am

    By Republican, you indict Chafee. Although he'll claim to be a friend, he voted 74% of the time with Bush, who was gung ho for cutting funding for bike infrastructure, causing it to stall for 8 years. Who needs enemies?