Gubernatorial Statement – Block



Gubernatorial Statement – Block

The second response we received to our request for a statement on biking is from Ken Block, Moderate Party candidate for governor.  Here is his statement:

“I am very pro-bicycling, and as Governor, I will work to make Rhode Island a more bicycle friendly state. Right now, we have a good bicycling infrastructure, but I would like to see it become a great one.

In one of my businesses, Cross Alert Systems, I manufacture solar powered traffic signals for bike paths and public intersections as a way to increase bicycle safety. By improving our infrastructure, we can make Rhode Island a safer place for bicycle use and increase the number of individuals who commute to work and school on their bicycles.

We must get our economy back on track so we can allocate funds to this healthy, environmentally friendly cause to increase the ability for individuals to use bicycles as a primary means of transportation, exercise, and recreation in Rhode Island.”

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  • Alan Barta
    Oct 13, 2010 at 11:30 am

    I applaud Mr. Block's position. Like Bill said, politicians sometimes say what you want to hear. But not always. Chafee wants to raise taxes on everything, including bicycle and wheelchair sales. Caprio already kept some promises and straightened out a bunch of retirement funding, yet this remains a major problem regarding state revenue going forward.

    Really, though, what will Providence do? The lynchpin of any statewide bikenet is what happens there. And will state step in and help the fiscally beleaguered capitol?