Coventry Greenway Dedication



Coventry Greenway Dedication

RIDOT and the Town of Coventry are announcing the completion and opening of the Whitford Street to Station Street section of the Coventry Greenway.  The dedication will be held at the Station Street Crossing adjacent to the Station Street parking lot.

Due to the limited size of the parking lot on Station Street, drivers are asked to Park at Paine Field and walk or ride down the path to the ceremony location.

From the Invitation:

Michael P. Lewis Director Rhode Island Department of Transportation
Raymond E. Spear Town Council President Town of Coventry, Rhode Island
Cordially invite you to attend A ribbon cutting ceremony for the opening of the next segment of the
Coventry Greenway,Station Street to Whitford Street
Thursday, October 14, 2010 at 11 a.m.
Event to take place adjacent to the path at the Station Street Crossing.
Ample parking is available at Paine Field, approximately 1⁄4 mile west of the event location. Limited parking is available at the Station Street Crossing. Those wishing to ride their bicycles to the event should park at Paine Field (see attached map).
Directions to Bikeway Dedication:
From Providence to Paine Field: I‐95 South to Exit 7. Turn right at the end of the ramp, stay in right lane and proceed to second traffic light. Turn Left onto Arnold Road. Follow approximately 2 miles through traffic light at Route 3 (Tiogue Avenue) and go straight onto Route 33 (Sandy Bottom Road). Turn left onto Route 117 West. Pass through two traffic lights and turn right at Ken Ray Drive and the entrance to Paine Field and the Coventry Recreation and Community Center. Follow a short path behind the ball fields to the Coventry Greenway. Turn right and walk to the event site at the Station Street Crossing.
From Providence to Station Street Crossing: Follow directions above to Route 117 West. Turn right at the first traffic light onto Station Street. Parking is available at two small lots at the bike path crossing.
Cycling to the event via the Washington Secondary Bike Path: From points north and east, follow the Cranston Bike Path, Warwick Bike Path, West Warwick Greenway or Coventry Greenway (collectively known as the Washington Secondary Bike Path) south to the Station Street Crossing. From points west, follow the Coventry Greenway or Route 117 east to Abbotts Crossing Road. Follow the bikeway behind DeCiantis Ice Cream to the Station Street Crossing.
RSVP to Charles St. Martin at 401‐222‐1362, Ext. 4007 by October 12, 2010


  • Barry
    Oct 12, 2010 at 8:45 am

    This is good news that the dedication is happening this season. I hope the cereomony commends the Town of Coventry for taking early action to get their greenway underway.

    One regret about the invitation is that, as is all too often the case, while there are detailed driving directions, there is no mention of transit access to the site.

    However, it can be reached with RIPTA's #13 Arctic-Washington line which leaves Kennesdy Plaza at 10:08am, has a stop at the Garden ity gazebo at10:26am. Return trips leave Coventry about 12:22, 1:45, 2:45 and later. There is also bus service along some of the west bay bike path on the #30, 31 and 17 lines.

    Many of you know that I believe bus and bike systems help complement each other, not just from bike racks on the buses but also by promoting diverse alternatives to the auto-dominant transportation culture. However, RIPTA has almost no marketing, and they are left off not only this announcement, but one for a train station ceremony at TF Green, the state's official Tourist Guide, directions to the Divison of Taxation (that has 4 bus lines going by) etc etc

  • Alan Barta
    Oct 13, 2010 at 5:08 am

    ^Not to mention, Barry, that you can simply ride from Providence Line at the Parkade to Station Street Lot on a bicycle almost as fast as driving there. 12 miles is about a half hour for a skilled cyclist, if it doesn't rain and path's been swept, which it hadn't been last time I used it. [Hint.]

  • barry
    Oct 14, 2010 at 10:10 am

    Well, the event went off very well, the weather cooperated, and one benefit of the delay in the opening was celebrating how fall colors enhanced the scenic ride along the path.

    Also neat, the DOT did recognize both the role of Coventry officials (especially Guy Lefevre (their Parks Director who has been working on the greenway for decades!) who was invited to be one of the official speakers, and also the role of advocates by inviting East Coast greenway's Eric Weis to also be a speaker. In my opinion, both made fine remarks, noting the project is still a work in progress, part of a larger picture both in Coventry and the entire eastern seaboard.

    However, Coventry's hopes of extending the trail westward is just one of many bike projects on a very long wish-list.

  • Alan Barta
    Oct 14, 2010 at 6:58 pm

    Three cheers for Guy Lefevre and his civic pride, dedication and incredible patience (8 years from grading to paving). Success of any path or road is in its continuity. This segment connects Coventry Greenway with WSBP and obviates a not-so-safe 2.5 mile on=road transit from Quidnick to Coventry Center. Nowhere on all of RI's bikeways were the Fall colors prettier than the dam overpass just West of Clariant.

    Spoke to the police bike patrolman who, up to now, had to routinely "evict" vagrants and vandals. A continuous flow of folks on an open bikeway discourages petty thefts and such crimes.

    With the Laurel Avenue bridge out, the bikeway is even more important as a bike link form Flat River Rd to Tioque Avenue.