Gallery Night Providence – Guided Bicycle Tours



Gallery Night Providence – Guided Bicycle Tours

Are you looking for a way to merge an interest in art with cycling?  Well this might just be for you:

Gallery Night Providence is adding another way to view the visual arts – by bicycle.   Interest in the environmentally-friendly transportation choice and the chance to highlight the accessibility of art venues, make this viewing option a natural progression from buses and walking.  Bicyclists can easily navigate downtown and beyond.  Celebrity Biking Guides are lined up for the season and hope to attract both commuting and weekend bikers.  The two galleries that are furthest from each other are less than five miles apart.

Each Gallery Night, May through September, weather permitting, guided bike tours will leave Regency Plaza at 5:30pm. Tours are expected to last two hours.

Bicycle guides for May are Providence College art history professor Deborah Johnson and her husband, dentist, Robert Serinsky, June is photographer Erik Gould, July is Xander Morro and Jay Zehngebot from AS200, August is graphic designer Derek Schusterbauer, and September is Jason Yoon of New Urban Arts.

We are not requiring helmets or lights and plan on having a volunteer keep an eye on bikes at each stop while people head into venues. People are welcome to join or leave the tour as they wish/need.

For more information see the Gallery Night webpage.

As a local bicycle advocacy group, we would be remiss in not suggesting that people wear helmets and use bicycle lights when riding after dusk.

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