Rescheduled Elmwood Repaving Meeting



Rescheduled Elmwood Repaving Meeting

From the folks over at Community Works Rhode Island:

When:  Wednesday, *April  28th*, 2010   6:00-7:30 pm
Where:  Knight Memorial Library Auditorium (downstairs), 275 Elmwood Ave.

As many of you know, Community Works Rhode Island, our elected officials and other community partners have been working with RIDOT to make sure that the changes coming to Elmwood Ave. reflect the needs expressed by neighborhood residents and others.  Through meeting with neighbors, we know that those needs are:

  • Pedestrian, bike and car safety
  • An improved environment for all using the street
  • Better access to Roger Williams Park
  • Returning Elmwood Ave to a beautiful neighborhood avenue rather than a car-dominated “combat zone”

We have been working with L+A Landscape Architects to produce designs reflecting what the community wants Elmwood Avenue to become.  These designs will be presented to RIDOT in the next few weeks.  We have presented the designs to a number of you already, but want to get more community input before creating final recommendations to deliver to RIDOT.  Please come give your comments on the proposed changes and add your perspective on what needs to happen to make Elmwood Avenue the street it could be!

If you live or ride through this area, please plan to attend the meeting and provide support and feedback about how Elmwood can become a better place to ride.


  • Apr 26, 2010 at 7:13 am

    Like to see a two-way bike/ped facility based upon European model along one side of entire length of Elmwood Avenue, from at least Columbus Square to Trinity Square.

    The latest version of the plans I saw, included a separated bike/ped facility from the Elmwood/Reservoir split down to Roger Williams Park. My gut tells me RIDOT is going to need some serious persuading to make this happen, so if you use this section of Elmwood or are interested in the area, please attend!

    The proposed designs are quite progressive, be we are going to need numbers to make this happen.

  • Labann
    Apr 26, 2010 at 7:48 am

    Use it all the time. Like to see a two-way bike/ped facility based upon European model along one side of entire length of Elmwood Avenue, from at least Columbus Square to Trinity Square. Whichever side has utilities lines, choose opposite side. This could then be treed with elms for ambience and shade, something that doesn’t seem to work using the American model of limited sidewalks, motor bullying, and utilities hacking at trees.

    Reservoir Avenue could get same treatment. There are numerous parks and schools from Empire Street to Pontiac at Park Avenue. Broad, Elmwood, and Reservoir should be a “safe route to school”. Get LAB rep to endorse.

  • MattM
    Apr 26, 2010 at 10:31 am

    I’m hoping to attend.

    Interesting idea about a full on cycle-path there. Is there room, with the assumption that the priority will be on maintaining it as a 4 lane highway?

  • Labann
    Apr 27, 2010 at 4:27 am

    As usual, Marguerite and Mark alone will face the Nimbys, who'll dully and duly denounce any change whatever citing "historic" preservation. Then Providence planners and RIDOT will steal shoulders and make Elmwood Avenue as unbikeable as Warwick Avenue, which is a state road in violation of access laws. Who do you arrest?

    The "bicycling community" here consists of a country riding club, a handful of advocates, and some individuals who simply ride and shut up. Hate to say it, but what it'll take to influence any improvements is what Critical Mass did in Chicago New York, Portland, and Seattle, to wit, repeatedly jam up some inimical intersections and pinch points (i.e., Appoonaug, Hoxie 4 Corners, Reservoir & Sockonosset) at rush hour.

    Like all engineers, traffic planners only respond to "don't fix it if it ain't broken", and KISS; if nobody goes to TAC meetings with agendas except AAA and construction company lawyers, who do you think gets the attention and dollars? State WILL NEVER RECOGNIZE bicycling as a legitimate form of transportation if only a few cranks complain. You need some lawsuits to force federal laws or, at least, some consequences, like loss of FHWA funding, which has already occurred, yet public didn't notice. Did send this info to Buddy Cianci, but he's no supporter. "Wait it out until the problem disappears", is their time honored strategy. Meanwhile, I make it a point to show up once in a while on a bike at these horrors. Must be a crank not to take rack-b-n-ride through these rolling junkyards and speeding steel.

  • mattm
    May 2, 2010 at 4:11 am

    Having attended, this was a very positive meeting with the local people attempting to get a jump on RIDOT's design review process to propose what they want their street to look like.

    It's important to the planners and the neighborhood residents who participated slow traffic down to safe speeds, improve pedestrian and cyclist safety and accomodate bicycles within the restrictions RIDOT is likely to have to maintain peak capacity, as well as State Highway/Evacuation route requirements particularly for the southern sections of elmwood (Zoo, 6 and 10, Reservoir, etc.).

    Their impression is that RIDOT is receptive to their plans.

    They need to rework their bike integration plan and have agreed to do so at the suggestion of area resident cyclists as well as those of use few advocates who showed up.