Bridge Repair on Fast Track



Bridge Repair on Fast Track

According to an article in the Kent County Times

Fixing the Laurel Avenue Bridge is a top-priority for the Rhode Island Department of Transportation.

Over the next two weeks residents will see the Laurel Avenue Bridge demolished by a RIDOT contractor, Lewis said. The bridge is so damaged the no one should approach it or walk over it at this time, he added.

After the bridge is taken down, the repair will go out for a design-build contract, he said.

Design-build projects are faster than typical ones, according to RIDOT Spokesperson Charles St. Martin. A construction contractor and an engineering firm work simultaneously to get the job done.

Is anyone familiar with this area?  If the bridge could use any improvement from a cycling point of view, then we should immediately contact RIDOT and encourage them to accomodate bikes in their design and building process.

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  • Apr 14, 2010 at 7:23 am

    Mark, this bridge leads directly to (1/2 block from) the Coventry Greenway/Washington Secondary RT/East Coast Greenway. As such, it should be of particular interest to locals. I suggest we keep on top of this to ensure that sidewalks and/or sufficient shoulders are part of the design.