Meeting – November 9th



Meeting – November 9th

Our next regularly scheduled meeting will be on November 9th @ 6pm at the Offices of the US Open Cycling Foundation (269 South Main Street, Providence).  On the agenda for this meeting:

  • Committees:  We are grown and with this growth comes a need to be more organized.  As such, I’m going to propose we form the following standing committees: fundraising, legislation, programs, and public relations.  Please come with nominations for committee chairs and eagerness to join one or more of these committees.  Also, if you feel this list doesn’t capture our current needs, please come with suggestions for other necessary committees.

Old Business:

  • Program/Fundraising Update
    • Winter Roller Race Series
    • Light up the Night
  • Legislation/Advocacy Update
    • Anti-Texting Bill
    • Coalition for Transportation Choices
    • Henderson Bridge
  • Public Relations Update
  • Merger Update

New Business

  • RIDOT Director’s meeting – Nov. 17th

We are working on an alternate meeting location, but it is likely we will NOT have a new location by next Monday.  So, we are asking you bear with us and squeeze in for one more meeting at the US Open Cycling Foundation Offices.