InterBike Volunteers Needed



InterBike Volunteers Needed

interbike_odd_eastAs you likely know, InterBike East Coast Demo is coming to Providence Oct. 8th – 11th. Interbike is the biggest industry trade show where bike and accessory manufacturers show their product lines for the coming year. While the main show happened last week in Las Vegas, Providence will have it’s name in the history books as the first place where InterBike included access for consumers, regular people like you and me!

That’s right, for the first time ever, Oct. 10th and 11th they will open the gates to consumers.  Were you planning on going?  Would you like to get in for free?  Then come volunteer to help us for a three hour shift and we will arrange for you to get a pass to the show.  Your time, in conjunction with donations and funds raised during these various events, will help fund local bicycle advocacy efforts here in Rhode Island!

Here is what we need:

  • Thursday (Oct. 8th):  We are running roller races for the industry folks.  We need five (5) volunteers from 5:30pm to 8:30pm down at Roger Williams Park.  You will be helping organize and keep track of the roller racers and help.
  • Friday (Oct. 9th):  We are hosting an evening of outdoor movies.  Starting with a showing of Veer, followed by an intermission with some shorts from RISD students, and culminating with a showing of The Night of the Living Dead.  We need a total of eight (8) people, each of which will work a three hour shift, to help with general movie related tasks and bike valet services.  This event will run from 6pm – 12am and will be held at Market Square in Providence.
  • Saturday (Oct. 10th):
    • This is the first of two consumer days.  During the day, we are seeking three (3) people to lead bike trains to and from the event.  Two trains will run to the event in the morning, one at 8am and another a 9am.  One train will run from the event, leaving at 5pm.  The trains will run a loop through Providence hitting major areas where people will be staying or be arriving via bus or train.  A map of the route will be posted in the next few days.  We are also seeking four (4) people to work during the event.  Two to work a three hour morning shift and two more to work a three hour afternoon shift.
    • In the evening, we are hosting an evening of food and roller races.  This time around, the roller races are open to everyone!  We need a total of twelve (12) people, each of which will work a three hour shift, to help run the roller races, sit at a welcome table, help run a raffle, and other general tasks.  The event will run from 6pm – 11pm.  We are awaiting final confirmation on the place this will be held, but will post an update once we have a set date.
  • Sunday (Oct. 11th):  We are seeking three (3) people to lead bike trains.  Again, two running to the event in the morning and one leaving the event in the afternoon.  We also need another four (4) volunteers during the day.  Two to work a three hour shift in the morning and two more to work a three hour shift in the afternoon.

If any or all of this sounds like fun, please drop us an email and let us know when you can help.  We need to know by noon on Friday to ensure there will be enough complimentary passes to the show for everyone.

Help us make this a great event and show everyone coming to our fine city what a great place this is for cycling!