Taunton Bicyclist Searches for Hit-and-Run Driver



Taunton Bicyclist Searches for Hit-and-Run Driver

crashThe Tauton Daily Gazette recently posted an article describing a recent hit-and-run incident

A local mother involved in a hit-and-run while riding her bicycle with her young son is looking for answers.

Rebeckah Picard and her 20-month-old son Jessie were enjoying a bike ride, one of their favorite activities, when they were struck by a vehicle and thrown underneath a nearby parked car.

What kind of moral standard can the driver of this vehicle have?  We’ve been talking a lot recently on this blog about responsibility, both on the part of motorists and cyclists.  This driver doesn’t have the required maturity to be behind the wheel of a car!  Apparently,

The vehicle slowed down after hitting Picard and her son, then immediately took off.

so it can’t even by claimed that the driver was unaware that they struck something.

Picard described the vehicle as being a small red sports style two door sedan, with a rounded fin and a missing passenger side mirror which came off when it struck Picard’s bicycle. The car will also have damage to the front end from the accident.


Picard asks anyone with any information to contact her at (508) 942-9093 or at becshakel78818@yahoo.com.

I sure hope the police can somehow manage to track this person down, although according to one commenter which identifies himself as the husband chimes in that

if you people want to judge somebody it should be the taunton police that you judge.when the eyewitness which is my sister went to the station as the officer said she had to do they told her that the officer was know on vacation til september first and they couldn’t do anything til then

If this is factual, then it doesn’t sound like the police are even taking the case seriously.  Should the police manage to track this person down, I firmly believe they deserve to loose their license, if they even have one.  The driver surely wouldn’t loose their license in RI, but perhaps the courts in MA have a bit more sense.

The other disturbing aspect of this article is the online comments.  The leading comments are all questioning why she was out at this time, cycling with an 20 month old.  Why shouldn’t she?  They completely neglect the fact that a motorist hit two people!  Where is the outrage from the general public that this person is driving a car?  I’m still trying to get my head around this bent up anger some people have towards cyclists.  Sure some cyclists bend the rules, but so do some motorists.  I understand this causes some tension, but how can anyone lay blame on the cyclist in this situation?

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  • Matt
    Aug 13, 2009 at 9:03 am

    I'm shocked and appalled at most of the comments following the story. Cyclist and chile were hit in the road – where bikes are authorized/required to ride. I wonder how some of those respondents would react if a woman walking the sidewalk with a baby in a stroller was hit by a car that jumped the sidewalk. It's the same situation.