New DMV Bicycling Brochure



New DMV Bicycling Brochure

About ten months ago, I had an opportunity to read over the DMV manual and what it had to say about bicycles.  At the time I was shocked to learn how little information they included and of the information they did include, a rather large percentage of it was focused on how cyclists should act.  As a result of this discovery, I posted some comments on our blog and a lively discussion ensued on the advocacy list.

Fortunately, Sue Barker volunteered to approach the DMV about this issue and arranged for a meeting between representatives from the Narragansett Bay Wheelmen (NBW), Providence Bicycle Coaltion (PBC), US Open Cycling Foundation, the Greenways Alliance of Rhode Island (GARI), and the Sierra Club.  At this meeting, we presented some recommendations.  The DMV was impressed and asked us to develop them into something which could be included in the next printing of their DMV manual.

What resulted is a brochure.  There are currently copies of this brochure at the DMV branch offices and select AAA offices.  Copies will also be included as suplimental material for all driver’s education classes offered starting this summer and the next and future printing of the official DMV manual.  If you are aware of another location where these brochures would have an impact, please contact us and we can get you some brochures.

Many thanks go to Sue Barker for spearheading this 10 month project!


  • Alan Barta
    Aug 5, 2009 at 7:20 pm

    There's a good supply of them at Providence Bicycle. Unfortunately, the supply of Guide to Cycling in the Ocean State has dwindled from 2 cases to none. Bike shops are the best place for these things. But in the case of these new brochures, I've been printing them out and supplying libraries with them, since they address cyclists and motorists alike.

  • Aug 6, 2009 at 6:07 am

    Dick is going to take care of getting Providence Bicycle some more copies of the Guide to Cycling in the Ocean State maps. It might be a couple of days before he can get over there.