Energy Independence Day



Energy Independence Day

It’s time to start telling the rest of the nation what many of us already know… bicycling is probably the most energy efficient mode of transportation available today!  This Sunday, July 5th, there is an Energy Independence Day celebration being held in Portsmouth, RI.  It would be great if we could have a strong contigent of cyclists show up to support the event.  Here are the details from Barry Schiller:

I hope the bicycle community will note the announcement below of “Energy Independence Day” on Sunday July 5 (not July 4) organized by Cool Aquidneck Island, an event being held at the Portsmouth High School, site of the new wind turbine. Though the wind turbine will no doubt be the centerpiece attraction, David Stookey, the event organizer, is well aware that much of our energy imports goes for transportation, we are working on setting up a table with transportation information. There can hardly be a more energy-efficient way to travel than by bicycle, so we want bicycling to be a real part of the event!

Thus I encourage all in the bike community to both come to the event if you can, and to let your contacts know about it by forwarding this e-mail (or an edited version!) I will have the new State Bicycle maps but anyone who has bicycle related handouts suitable for our transportation table, please reply to me so I can get the materials. David has the idea of a scavenger hunt for game for children, such as get answers to questions: Which bus line goes between Newport and the East Bay Bike Path is one of my examples which can be answered by the #60 bus schedules and the state bike maps.

Also, please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions about this please contact Barry Schiller, 353-6536,