Help Pass No-Texting Bill



Help Pass No-Texting Bill

From Barry Schiller:

The RI General Assembly may be going into its last week but there is still a chance to pass a bill to enhance safety for bicyclists and other roadway users by banning text-messaging while driving.

A bill sponsored by Senator Sue Sosnowski, S204A, to do this has already overwhelmingly passed the State Senate and was sent to the House Corporations Committee which also has a similar bill, H5021, sponsored by Representative Joe McNamara who has often helped us with bike safety bills.  Despite support from RIDOT, AAA as well as the bike community, and even in light of the well publicized MBTA text-messaging accident, the House Corporations Committee has not yet acted.

So, if you support this bill, please call the Committee Chair, Representative Brian Patrick Kennedy, at the Corporations Committee, 222-2369 and at least leave a message with the clerk there.  As the Speaker has a lot to say about what bills pass, similarly consider calling the Speaker’s Office, 222-2466 where they will take messages.  If you know the sponsors or other legislators, ask them to help, this is a common-sense safety measure for all.

You can point out the recent accidents caused by people texting while driving.  I have been told that three AAA roadside repairmen have been killed in the past five years by drivers texting while trying to operate an automobile.

If you have a question or suggestion, please call Barry Schiller, 353-6536


  • barry
    Jun 25, 2009 at 9:42 am

    As of early Thurs afternoon still no action from House Corporations.

    By the way, there was a story on the severe loss of reaction time when texting while driving on the Today Show this morning, they indicated texters have more of a delay than an intoxicated driver.

    On the other hand, bill 5074A, the variation of the "three foot bill" (which no longer has a three-foot requirement) is on the House Calendar for passage, even though it is not supported (or opposed) by RIDOT, The Providence Bike Coalition, or the Greenways Alliance. Go figure

  • Jun 30, 2009 at 1:04 pm

    This is becoming a serious problem that our country needs to address with strict rules and penalties. One of the most recent reported accident related to texting is the Sergio Kindle crash. Sergio Kindle has been treated for a concussion after crashing his car into an apartment building Austin, Texas, last week while he was texting on his phone.

    The rate of accidents is very alarming, even a person that should supposedly part of the safety advocate, an ambulance driver, is <a href=&quot ;" rel="nofollow">texting while driving</a>!