Pedestrian Neglect



I was traveing into work this morning, when I noticed a pedestrian patiently waiting by the side of the road at a crosswalk.  I took the lane and blocked the traffic on my side of the road, so the pedestrian could cross.  As the pedestrian and I patiently waited for four more cars going the other direction to pass through the crosswalk before one decided to stop, I had a chance to look around.  To my surprise, there was a Warren Police officer sitting in a parking lot, literally across the street from where I was.

Shame on that police officer for not interrupting his donut and coffee break to protect the rights of a pedestrian trying to simply cross the road, legally.

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  • Apr 6, 2009 at 7:42 am

    I'll do you one better. I was buzzed by a police car yesterday. While I rode close to curb (unusual for me), he passed within a foot at fairly high speed in a queue of cars. I wanted to speed up, catch, and ask him if he ever head of the 3' law, but it was all futile and uphill.

    Now you see why crosswalks are given traffic lights. It shouldn't be necessary. I was fingered and sworn at last time I used a crosswalk to cross heavy traffic, even with that little sign, in a school zone. Unless you start revoking a lot of licenses and jailing those who drive without, you're not going to improve motoring safety. All the laws in the world are useless unless enforced.

    This include federal laws to accommodate biking and walking, arrange bike lanes alongside travel lanes, fill potholes and sweep as needed, set good examples especially police. Cities violate more laws with impunity than individuals. People sense oppressive bloodletting through fines only they pay and public penalties that elected officials never share. For shame. Politicians are to blame for any lack of community. They don't care for those around them, so why should you?