Great Meeting



If  you didn’t join us last night for our advocacy meeting, you missed out on a great meeting!  We had a lively discussion about the proposed three-foot legislation and whether or not it would help cyclists in any way.  Those in attendence were generally in agreement that the current laws pertaining to cyclists don’t really provide us much protection and that cyclists have not proactively worked to make changes for the better.

The group as a whole made a pledge not to drop this issue and to keep the current momentum.  You will be hearing more on this blog, please engage in the process.  We will need the input, concerns, and support of all cyclists in the state in order to effectively make any change to the current laws.

Thanks again to Lori DiBiasio and Frank’s mother Sandra for attending last night and getting this advocacy effort start.  It’s now time for the cyclists to take the reigns and fight for laws that make sense.  The time and conditions are ripe for eco-friendly modes of transportion.  Let’s make 2009 the year of the bicycle in RI!


  • Mar 6, 2009 at 1:57 pm

    To recap my main points…

    • FWHA and USDOT haven't fulfilled their promises after 10 years: $200,000 for motoring versus $1 for bicycling. I never asked for an I-way (Why way?).

    • Bad infrastructure both kills bicyclists and makes driving dangerous.

    • No new laws; repeal those that pertain to bicycling; kids, entitled to streets, can't be licensed or regulated.

    • All onus for safety on motorists; stiffer penalties for noncompliance, like license revocation, and mandatory imprisonment for driving without.

    • Instead of placating fearful cyclists with an unenforceable law, back legislation to ban cell phone use while driving.

    • Penalize cities that don't provide bike-ped accommodations required by federal and state law; let taxpayers know that leadership neglect will cost them big.

    • Be proactive: be seen riding, demand compliance from politicians, vote your conscience.

    There's no doubt that road fatalities are a sacrifice to greed that too many people take for granted. You don't have to buy in.

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