Lorries Killing Cyclists



Lorries Killing Cyclists

I frequently listen to The Bike Show podcast.  It’s interesting to get a perspective on cycling from across the pond and listen to some of the activities and issues cyclists are facing in and around London.  One of the recent shows entitled Emergency: Lorries Killing Cyclists really resonated with me, as I think we’ve all become keenly aware of the lack of responsibility motorists are allowed to get away with when they kill a cyclist.  If you have the time, I’d encourage you to listen to the show (mp3).

The main point I took away from the show was the fight to make motorists more accountable is being led by a mother of a slain cyclists.  Much like our own Lori DiBiasio has taken the matter into her own hands locally.  It was inspiring to hear about the success the slain cyclist’s mother has had working with the company who owned the lori involved in the accident.  In paticular:

  1. They have now added additional mirrors on their trucks.  These mirrors allow the drivers to see the blind spot along the side of the vehicle, so they can know when there is a cyclist next to them before making a turn.
  2. They have added four sensors along the left hand side of the truck (this would be the right hand side in the US).  These sensors activate when the driver turns on their turn indicator and alert the driver if something is beside them and which sensor noticed.
  3. They added an audible voice alert that plays a notification that the truck is making a turn when the driver activates their turn indicator.  This gives the cyclists a fighting chance to get out of the way before it’s too late.

She is also pushing to get all trucks fitted with tire guards that will push a person or car out of the way, rather than allowing them to get run over.  While this still sounds painful, it does sound better than getting squashed!

What astounds me with this situation and many of the situations we are facing, is how little the actual implentation would actually cost.  Sure, it’s not a drop in the bucket, but if a company fits all of their trucks with such technology and they save but one life, isn’t it worth the cost?  I would hope any responsible business owner would be nodding their head at this point.