India Point Park Pedestrian Bridge



India Point Park Pedestrian Bridge

The long awaited India Point Park Pedestrian Bridge is about to open again.  RIDOT is having a dedication ceremony on Wednesday, October 15th, @ 10am.  The event will take place on the bridge.  Bring your bike and you won’t need to worry about parking!


  • Oct 15, 2008 at 7:32 am

    Glad it's open, but where does it go? Thought about attending, then heard RIDOT's latest campaign ad. Might show when they open something that actually lets you cross the Seekonk River. But did they have to waste $15 million on the Geo. Redman Bridge?

    This is just a hint at what's wrong with RIDOT, expensive solutions to small problems. Stumbling over themselves, 5,000 strong, they are among the state's biggest wasters. $630 million for the I-way, when we have a $500 million deficit? Now they're calling for a Yes Vote on Proposition #1, $50 million more in bonds to default on. Maybe a NO VOTE will finally get them to do what they need… layoffs. They SHOULD share in rest of RI's pain after neglecting to power spray off the salt from our 775 bridges every Spring for a decade, and letting them all rust. The answer is to close the 350 unsafe ones, and divert trucks. Sure, state and towns will suffer; they're already suffering. But let's not turn this issue into scare tactics. What idiot does their publicity?

    The EDC, Governor and WIBs have done nothing to create real jobs. The 8.5% unemployed, the nation's worst, accounts only for new UCI claims, not the real unemployed. There are only 495,000 workers in RI, about 47% of the total population, down 107,000 in 3 years. Really, 53% don't have jobs, although that accounts for children, prisoners (highest in history) and retirees. The problem is obvious: No leadership.

    The JOBS Act, S. 1637, was passed, but it seems to only help manufacturers, not individuals. Age/race/sex discrimination, NAFTA, offshoring are all rampant. Borders are wide open to imports without tariffs, but exports are denied despite a declining dollar.

    I sent a white paper to the Blue Ribbon panel, only to be ignored. They don't want to CURE the problems here, they want to capitalize on them. So, no, I didn't attend. To do so or say nothing is to sanction these actions.

  • Oct 18, 2008 at 4:31 pm

    I for one am glad to see the bridge open again. It's handy for people who live over in that area to access the India Point Park area. Once they open up the Washington Bridge Pedestrian Bridge again, happening sometime this Fall, it's also a nice calm way to get up to the hill. If nothing else, this bridge is for pedestrians and cyclists NOT automobiles. I'm happier whenever I see RIDOT focusing on infrastructure for alternative transportation. It's also another reminder to motorists, stuck in commuter traffic, to see cyclists and pedestrians actually moving over them. If just a few think, "hey I could be doing this instead of sitting in my car", it's a win.

  • Oct 19, 2008 at 5:32 am

    Yes, handy, along with two (obviously overlooked) underpasses within 5 blocks.

    Meanwhile, there are 5 mile stretches along AMTRAK and interstateswithout bridges or underpasses. There are entire towns and cities or major sections without any bicycling accommodations whatever: the 116/146/295 interchange in Lincoln, Downtown/South/West Providence, Johnston, North Providence, Rts 1, 2 and 5 corridors of Warwick. They've done nothing about impassable East and West Bay Passages around Jamestown, Seekonk River, and Sakonnet River. There are many small opportunities to make entire state far more bikeable, but they don't. What about Apponaug? East Avenue? Division Street? Hoxie Four Corners? Olneyville? Park & Reservoir? Pleasant Valley Parkway? You can't accept "nearly" bikeable roads (e.g., Rt 116) that suddenly throw life threatening obstacles in your way, like cavernous holes, missing shoulders, sand bars. Certain seldom patrolled bikeways have huge untreated bumps, missing guardrails, no lighting. Motorists wouldn't stand one minute for such neglect. Bicyclists are treated like 4th class citizens. I've estimated there are about 35,000 avid cyclists here. Where's their collective outrage?

    RIDOT is doing highly visible tokens instead of addressing real issues. It's irresponsible. Then they ask for more money?

    It used to be a crime for motorists to pass on the right. Then they started stealing shoulders to make a lane to do exactly that. Bicyclists aren't supposed to ride in the shoulder, but it's a safety feature, a place to get out of way of motorists, to flow unequal traffic smoothly. So, what does stealing the shoulder accomplish? Only makes it harder for all users to get through intersections. Or is the real reason to force bicyclists off the roads altogether? Fine. Then they should close weak bridges to vehicular traffic with stanchions and post them for bikes and pedestrians only. Such an action is tantamount to what they do to bicyclists when they steal shoulders.

  • Oct 20, 2008 at 7:47 am

    Yes, handy, along with two (obviously overlooked) underpasses within 5 blocks.

    Both of which are horrible for pedestrians and add a significant distance to their walk. Yes, this certainly cost money, but I'm not against RIDOT getting some good pedestrian/bike press once and a while, as long as they are getting the other work done as well. That is our job, to make sure RIDOT is getting the other work done.

    You rattled of a pretty long list of roads that need attention. How would you prioritize them? What specifically needs to be done? I honestly don't think RIDOT knows how to deal effectively with bikes and peds, it's our job to help educate them about what we need. We can continue on tossing a laundry list of bad roads at them, but it's unlikely to result in any real progress. More than likely, they will look at the list and just throw their hands up in the air.

  • Oct 21, 2008 at 12:47 pm

    I've kept a complete dossier on what's wrong bikewise with all roads in RI. I was consulted on the Guide to Bicycling in the Ocean State, and provided, to date, 300 changes over previous editions.

    An on-line forum is no place to enumerate hundreds of changes required by law. However, all my offers to pass along this knowledge has been ignored by mayors and state officials for the better part of 10 years.

    This is just part of the reason I seem to have an "attitude", or what I like to call an "edge" in my posts. RIDOT knows best; public using roadnet knows NOTHING!

  • Oct 21, 2008 at 1:07 pm

    As far as priorities, I think the first action should be sue RIDOT for a decade of neglect, maybe even indict those responsible. That would send a REAL message: You don't obey the law, you go to jail.

    I also blame automotive lobbyists and closet sympathizers, who urge cities and towns to eliminate shoulders in favor of turning lanes, which numerous studies have shown to CAUSE accidents (among cyclists, motorists and pedestrians alike). As long as there is an adequate shoulder, the road with a 25 mph speed limit is bikeable. There is too much risk associated with 55-65 mph roads to not have separated bike lanes in the same corridor.

    My biggest priority last year was to convince RIDOT to finish Martin St. Bridge in Lincoln. I succeeded. It opened Blackstone Bikeway back to use. Marvelous.

    My priority for 10 years was to institute a so-callled "subway" plan of bikelanes in Providence. This is a web of bike improved roads that intersect at the waterfront and head to all corners of the city. I met with planners, produced artwork, and everything. Cheap to implement! Never happened. Providence remains the biggest impediment to bicycling in the entire state.

    Basic principles are all covered in federal guidelines. Right, RIDOT doesn't know how to apply them. They do have a whole staff of people whose principle job is to do exactly that. I know them and what frustrations they experience. Some things are easily done, though. Mere blacktop on 2 miles of bikeway between Quidneck and Coventry Greenway has been stalled or 7 years… ridiculous. Then, finish between Suburban Propane and Hill Farm Rd, and call it a day. Cyclists can use 117 and 14 to CT line from there, no problem.

  • Oct 21, 2008 at 4:11 pm

    An on-line forum is no place to enumerate hundreds of changes required by law.

    While I agree that an online forum won't work with a laundry list, i.e. hundreds of concurrent changes, it's a great place to discuss and prioritize a relatively small list. The way in which things get done is fundamentally flawed, those with the time and can attend all the meetings, get their projects done. The only ways the common citizen can effectively wage battle in this situation is to a) pick a single issue, in this case small number of roads, and literally devote their life to this pursuit or b) join an online group and through this group leverage a larger body towards a common goal. I think the latter approach lends itself very nicely to online forums. We need to keep bringing up issues and, better yet, proposing solutions, so that RIDOT can no longer ignore us.

    As far as priorities, I think the first action should be sue RIDOT for a decade of neglect, maybe even indict those responsible. That would send a REAL message: You don't obey the law, you go to jail.

    I suspect the majority of workers would wind up in jail if they were sued for breaking laws in a any way. While I can't always condone the projects RIDOT prioritizes, I don't think these type of issues are limited to just our DOT. I'd love to see them just do the right thing, but they have limited resources and currently need to answer to the majority. We need to better organize ourselves, so that our voice is louder and starts to be heard in addition to the majority voice. I'm seeing a glimmer of light in a few of the projects currently underway, but we have a long way to go. We can't afford, literally or figuratively, to wage battle in the courts, RIDOT will just squash us.

    … back to priorities, if I read your comment correctly, are your two current top priorities to a) blacktop 2 miles of bikeway between Quidneck and Coventry Greeway and b) finish Suburban Propane and Hill Farm Road?

  • Oct 22, 2008 at 5:30 am

    My #1 priority has been and will always be (until they elect a new mayor) making all of Providence bikeable. Likewise, Warwick. I met with both mayors on several occasions. They think I'm just a crank to be dismissed.

    You never read my posts correctly. You suffer from selective attention deficit. You twist my words. I'm not talking about indicting WORKERS, I'm talking about indicting COMMISSIONERS. Workers do what they are told to make a living for their struggling families. As it is, workers are made the scapegoats. Then our governor goes on television yesterday to say, "We need to invite business to this state… We said we'd make jobs and we're still ahead of that." There was a net loss in jobs during his administration of 107,000. With 8.8% unemployment and 15% of residents working over state lines, RI leads only as the most worker unfriendly place in America. If we NEED to invite business, it's only because Carceri didn't do so for a decade. Meanwhile, the rest of NE is enjoying the least unemployment in the country.

  • Oct 22, 2008 at 5:40 am

    Speaking of fundamentally flawed, try bringing these issues to the TAC sometime. I have. Their response? "What do you expect us to do about it?" They are responsible for all transportation planning in the state. But, like the current (Bush apppointed) USDOT Director's stance, "Bicycling has nothing at all to do with transportation". Elsewhere called it a "fringe element".

    I have a COMPLETE LIST of roadnet flaws. Most are quick fixes, painted lines, signs. Some are more involved, bridges and pavement, or repavement of feral streets. Curious, nobody is interested. The conservative, so-called "bicycling community" are all a bunch of "citizens" with an unspoken agenda, several of whom I know to work in transportation related industries. Why should they jeopardize their livelihoods in these uncertain times? Can you blame them? They are satisfied to ride on what's been provided, which means they DON'T ride in Providence and much of Warwick, or, in other words, they drive SUVs to ride starts, because you can't get around Prov/Warwick otherwise.