Bicycle Commuter Act



Bicycle Commuter Act

From the LAB website:

Bicycle Commuter Tax Provision Passes House and Senate (10.03.08)

After seven long years, the bicycle commuter tax provision has finally passed both the House and Senate as part of the financial bailout package. President Bush said that he would quickly sign the $700 billion bailout bill. Thanks to all of you around the country who have contacted your congressional leaders over the years, and also thanks to Congressman Blumenauer and Senator Wyden for their continued insistence on having this benefit provided to bicycling Americans. Keep checking back here as we work on the implementation process.

The President has signed this bill, so now it’s time for each and every one of us to work with our employers to make this benefit a reality.


  • Oct 6, 2008 at 1:03 pm

    Yeah… stick your employers' feet in the fire… and wind up on a bread line in the coming depression.

    Anyone with a brain knows this is nothing more than corporate welfare. They'll claim it and do nothing for bike commuters, except fire them all first so they can't blow whistles.

    If they really wanted to help cyclists, they introduce a fuel surcharge, and use the proceeds to build bikeways and restripe lines. Weaning motorists off petroleum would yield many required reductions: obesity, pollution, total obliviousness to needs of surrounding communities.

    But, as usual, I speak for myself to myself, because nobody reads this blog. I wrote a white paper with 10 recommendations to the RIDOT Blue Ribbon Committee, after attending the last meeting along with 8 other independent individuals and some members of the TAC. You'd think a projected billion in spending out of your taxes would draw a crowd of angry citizens for an hour. Nope. But you can draw 35,000 to pay big to watch a foolish game for 4 hours until 1:00 AM. Yeah, America's priorities are truly perverse.

  • Oct 6, 2008 at 5:36 pm

    … thanks for your kind words of support. I for one think this blog has made a difference. We managed to get more press about cycling than any past bike-to-work day, we are on the verge of getting some significant changes made to the RI drivers manual, the changes are also being incorporated into driver's education classes, and most importantly, we've done a better job at keeping the cycling community in and around Providence in touch with what's happening. While this might not be as grand as one would like, we are slowly making progress. It's going to take a long time to change ingrained ways and one person alone can not accomplish this. It's crucial that we make these issues public, be fair in our analysis of the situation, and be reasonable with our requests.

    Back to the topic at hand…

    I think there are certain businesses for which it will make sense to support people who choose to commute by bicycle. In particular those with serious parking problems are under pressure to find any possible solution to the parking crunch. If they can offer a minimal financial incentive to get a few more people on bikes, it might just be worth it. There are also significant pressures being placed on certain businesses now to go green; schools in particular are now being ranked on their "greenness" and there is evidence that students are factoring this into their decisions.