Bikes for DEM?



Perhaps it is time to take up a collection for RI Department of Environmental Management (DEM).  I road the EBBP into work this morning and passed a DEM Park Department pickup truck rolling slowly along the edge of the Vet. Memorial Parkway that parallels the bike trail.  In the truck were two parks employees, one was driving and the other had a long handled device for picking up trash.  Yes, that’s right, they were rolling along the road, picking up trash from a pickup truck window!

Is it just me, or is this completely ridiculous?  At most, they could reach about a foot away from the truck and it took two people to complete this monumental task.  Had they been riding bicycles, they both could have been picking up trash, I’m sure they could accomplish the task faster, AND they wouldn’t be burning gas needlessly.

I think it’s time to take up a collection and purchase some bikes for the RI DEM!  Oh… and helmets.

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  • Paul Klinkman
    Jun 21, 2008 at 11:48 am

    For this job, someone such as recycle-a-bike should weld together a three wheeler with very fat tires and low gears for going up muddy grassy hills, and a huge basket in the back for picking up lots of trash. A rack with clips for holding and releasing a litter grabbing stick would help.

    RIDEM might not be the only user. There's a business in this?