B2WD Photos



B2WD PhotosThanks to Dick, we have a bunch of B2WD photos online now!

If you took some pictures at B2WD and want them posted, let us know.

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  • Paul Klinkman
    Jun 21, 2008 at 2:24 pm

    A great deal of technical details in organizing bike-to-work day needs to be written down as soon as possible for next year on this site, before this year;s organizers move on.

    I heard that the colleges downtown (risd now, uri/providence, roger williams, J&W, brown and PC aren't too far) need more publicity next year.

    The bike trains ate all the goodies. There was nothing left late.

    It was good to be out on the street and not hidden way back in the ice rink, but the demonstration looked small.

    I liked the tandem bike that came late.

    A unique publicity bike previous to any bike event would be a 5 person stretch bike riding around with ads posted on the bike, and maybe with some kind of noisemaker such as a soccer game horn to attract attention.