Potential for Bike-Friendly Law in CT



Potential for Bike-Friendly Law in CT

An article posted on the Connecticut Press site discusses a proposed law, currently in front of the CT General Assembly.  If it goes through, then

motorists would have to give bicycles at least 3 feet of room and the state Department of Transportation would be forced to accommodate bikes and pedestrians on state highways under legislation pending in the General Assembly.

Rider advocates say it’s about time that the state acknowledged the needs of bicycles, particularly on state roads where, with the soaring price of gasoline and the arrival of spring, riding to work is a viable carbon-neutral option.

This follows closely on the heals of an ordinance we reported on being considered in Chicago to do much the same.  The article continues by saying that

The bill includes a new $200,000 “Share the Road” public-awareness campaign to make sure motorists give bikes a wider berth and that bikers make themselves safer. The legislation would be the first major bicycle initiative since 1997, when the General Assembly created the law requiring cyclists 15 years of age and younger to wear helmets.

So what about it Rhode Island are we going to be outdone by our neighbors to the West?