Year of the Bicycle?



Year of the Bicycle?

The people over at posted an article about whether high oil prices will make 2008 the year of the bicycle.

Oil costs are surpassing $100 a barrel, global warming alarm calls are mounting, polluting autos and trucks increasingly clog city streets, and health concerns about a sedentary and fattening society are mounting.

All of these reasons convince me to keep cycling, but are they enough to sway the general populous and governments to make real change?  I look around me every day and see the majority of autos with only a driver.  Worse yet, most of the autos seem to be SUVs or trucks.  I hear plenty of people complaining about the gas prices, but when I inquire, hardly any of them are even considering a change to their daily behavior. How expensive will gas need to get before we actually see change?  I’m guessing somewhere in the $5-$6/gal range.

The National Bike Summit started today.  It will be interesting to see if they manage to make any political headway this year.  Only time will tell.