Interbike Consumer Day



Interbike Consumer Day

This is an excerpt from the most recent newsletter

Interbike is considering an East Coast version of the popular
Outdoor Demo that’s held in conjunction with its annual cycling trade
show in Las Vegas. A big difference in the East may be a consumer day,
allowing enthusiasts to see and ride new 2009 bikes and equipment.
Interbike has set Oct. 16-18 for the East event, subject to a survey
sent to hundreds of eastern-U.S. bike shops and manufacturers. The
first two demo days, Thursday and Friday, would be trade only;
Saturday would be open to the public. The proposed venue is Roger
Williams Park near Providence, Rhode Island. According to Interbike,
“The East Coast Demo will have professional seminars, technical
clinics, networking opportunities — a lot of the core things we do at
the [Las Vegas] show, but in a much more loose and inexpensive way.”

How cool would that be to have an Interbike Outdoor Demo Day in our backyard?  In the last few years, Providence seems to have put itself on the biking map.  We hosted the Cyclocross Nationals for two years, there are efforts underway to host a Cyclocross World Cup race, and now this.  Perhaps through hosting these type of bicycle events, people in the government and local businesses will begin to realize there is profit to be had through bicycles and we will start seeing some real change.