Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) Meeting



Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) Meeting

The next meeting of the TAC is on October 25th.  In case you missed the last meeting, here is a  summary of comments.  We were happy to see how many people, from a variety of backgrounds, were interested in better bicycle infrastructure.  The Providence Planning Board site posted an amended transportation plan, including these latest comments.

This committee advises the State Planning Council on transportation planning and encourages public involvement in the process. The TAC reviews and provides input into the transportation planning documents that are the responsibility of the State Planning Council (notably the long-range Ground Transportation Plan and Transportation Improvement Program).

The Council established the TAC and other transportation planning and public involvement procedures by rule in 1994. The process has been found to meet the requirements of federal law and is subject to continuing review by USDOT.

The members include 7 local officials, 5 state agencies, 9 organizations representing a variety of transportation interests, and 5 citizens from different areas of the state.

Meetings are held at the RIPTA Operations Center, 269 Melrose Street, Providence.