Welcome to the brand new Providence Bicycle Coalition website!

We are a group of like minded cyclists that have come together from a variety of other cycling related groups, to discuss and organize cycling advocacy for the Providence, Rhode Island area.  We intend to share our successes, failures, musings, and calls to advocacy through this site.  You are invited to come along, so hop on your bike and pedal along with us.

Should you have any comments or questions for the group, please drop us a note via our contact page.  We would also encourage you to comment on any of our posts and let us know what you feel can be done to make Providence a better place for cyclists.

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  • Barry Schiller
    Nov 4, 2007 at 8:25 am

    Please note the "upcoming event" – a ribbon cutting for opening another two miles of the Blackstone Bikeway's north end, Monday Nov 5 at 11:30am on the path near River Road in Manville. The DOT Director Jerry Williams i supposed to be there. The more bikers the better!