A Ciclovía for Providence

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Ciclovia-bogota.jpgIt’s true, and coming soon. Save the date, Providence: our very first ciclovia is coming on Sept 9, 9 am to noon. Baby steps for the first one, just a half-mile of Broad Street from Prairie to Thurbers Ave. Assuming success, the plan is to grow this into a city-wide loop in 2013. More info as it becomes available. Big thanks to the mayor’s office for making this happen!

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3 comments on “A Ciclovía for Providence

  1. Mark Dieterich says:

    Yeah Providence! This will be a great example for other towns in the state. I've long wondered whether we would ever see one happen here in RI. I assume this is a byproduct of the Bike & Ped advisory board?

  2. Flecha says:

    And this is what?

  3. [...] first-ever ciclovia is on!  As previously advertised, the City will exclude motor vehicles from Broad St (between Thurbers Ave and Prairie Ave) from 10 [...]

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