Tour de Tentacle



Tour de Tentacle

a weird bike odyssey in providence

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***As much as we’d like to keep Tour de Tentacle happening on Friday the 13th as we’ve planned, it’s going to be pouring. No fun for you, no fun for volunteers, and we might not save Providence from this tentacled menace. So we’ve decided to postpone the event to THIS SUNDAY, 5/15, still at 6:00PM. We hope you are able to make it! ***

Experience the dark underside of Providence like you’ve never seen it before.

A menacing energy is growing in the city and it’s up to you and your team to stop it…or to welcome the monsters in! Inspired by the arcane writing of H.P. Lovecraft, this bike-based quest around the city of Providence will require you and your three teammates* to solve puzzles, fight (or help) monsters, and ultimately, to save the city from annihilation. Or if you’re feeling evil, you can open the portal to the tentacled horrors yourselves. The odyssey will take you to many of the city’s most historic sites, such as the Arcade, the Athenaeum, and Broadway’s Wedding Cake House.

A collaboration between the Rhode Island Bicycle Coalition and Lovecraft Arts & Sciences Council during National Bike Month, this event on Sunday, May 15th begins at The Arcade at 6:00pm and culminates near the Industrial Trust Tower at dusk for a dark cosmic reckoning. There will be tentacles. There will be bikes (bring your own, plus helmet). And there will be beer (at the end).

Tickets are $10 and included in that is a drink ticket for the afterparty at the end…assuming you finish the quest!

*We encourage registrants to recruit friends to fill 4-person teams, but we’ll also match registrants into teams at the start of the event if you don’t have a full team.