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March 19th is Bike Newport Night: RACK ‘em UP!

Hold the Date for RACK ‘EM UP! Bike Newport Night 2014 will take place on Wednesday, March 19th, 6-9pm , at the fabulous MIDTOWN OYSTER BAR. Details below. And be sure to join the event on Facebook

Every March, while the roads are still slick with wintry mix and our dreams of warm, oceanside rides are so strong we can taste the salty breeze, Bike Newport throws a mid-winter bike party and raises funds for one exciting new initiative. With the help of our wonderful community partners and dedicated volunteers, Bike Newport Night is a fun-filled evening of great food, live entertainment, raffles and a super silent auction – all in the name of more and better biking!

In 2012, Bike Newport Night funded the training of our League Certified Instructors, the expert local cyclists who teach our FREE Smart Cycling workshops. (Want to schedule a class? Gather a group of 8+ and call us at (401) 619-4900 or email us).

In 2013, Bike Newport Night funded Night Bright – the purchase and distribution of night safety equipment for our bicycle-dependent workers. We keep busy installing lights on bikes; reviewing the Rules of the Road; and giving out helmets, locks, bells, and reflective vests. It’s all about being visible and predictable.

THIS YEAR, Bike Newport Night is going to RACK ‘EM UP!

Don’t miss the party – Wednesday, March 19th, 6-9pm, hosted by our friends at Midtown Oyster Bar, and with the help of Common Fence Music – Rad entertainment by Pier Jump and Los Duderinos! Feel the burn with RIBike‘s VeloSprint Racing! Delicious appetizers provided by Midtown! A host of fun raffles and the best mid-winter silent auction in town.

Portable Stackable Bike Racks will be available for events throughout the season.

The best part? Every penny raised will fund BIKE RACKS – you KNOW Newport needs them! We’re inviting folks on bikes to visit our City by the Sea, but we need to ratchet up the bike parking options for when they arrive.

Point proven at the Folk and Jazz Festivals when we park 500-900 bikes/day. We’ve done a remarkable job getting pedestrian barricades to serve double duty as bike racks, but the time has come for proper event racks. We intend to raise enough money to support 1,000 bikes, but will buy as many racks as the funds we raise allow. Help us make it happen!


Please help support more and better bicycling by contributing a raffle prize or silent auction item. Contributions will be recognized:

On oversized posters at the event
On the Bike Newport website and social media pages
In media outreach
In event emails to members and supporters

Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to arrange your donation online. Or, print out the BNN 2014 Request Form and return it to us at 435 Thames St, Newport. If you have any questions, call us at (401) 619-4900 or email us.

RSVP on Facebook, where we’ll be posting more about the event as details roll in.


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Night Bright Safe Cycling Initiative

It’s 5:30 p.m. on a weekday summer evening on Broadway, and the sidewalk in front of Leo’s Market is bustling with bikes and bike paraphernalia. Boxes of helmets, locks, lights, reflective vests, and bells line the popular storefront where, according to owner Juan Campos, 80% of the clientele arrive by bike. The swishing of tire pumps, jangling of bells, and laughter of cobbled Spanglish fills the air as bicycles in all manners of style and function get outfitted for safe night riding.

This is Night Bright – an initiative of local advocacy organization, Bike Newport. The organization aims to make nighttime bike commuting safer for both cyclists and cars. “When an invisible cyclist suddenly appears, it’s a pretty scary encounter for both the cyclist and the motorist,” says Bari George, Bike Newport’s Executive Director. “We’re always encouraging cyclists to have equipment to see and be seen at night.”

Not only is it safer to have lights on your bike, it’s also the law. A Newport city ordinance requires a bicycle operating at night to have a white lamp on the front and a red reflector on the back. The problem is, not everyone can afford the equipment. That’s where the annual Bike Newport Night fundraiser came in – when local cycling supporters gathered for a mid-winter party at Thames Street’s SpeakEasy and raised the needed funds. Generous donations from NewportFed and the RIDOT Highway Safety Program will make even more equipment possible – up to 300 sets in total. Each set includes a helmet, front light, rear light, reflective vest, bell, lock, and vital “Rules of the Road” information cards.

Tom Kearns, owner of Ten Speed Spokes, supplied the lights at cost. He emphasizes the importance of proper lighting and reflection, no matter what the weather.

Kearns says, “Lights are important no matter what. As much as you think you’re in a bike lane, the guy in the car might not realize it. You can’t think you’re in this cone of protection – you have to be aware of your surroundings all the time. Always ride on the defensive.”

For the bicycle-dependent workers of Newport, Night Bright is supplying that crucial defense. Tonight is the second week of the distribution at Leo’s, and it’s going superbly. Bike Newport staff and volunteers install the lights and bells, make sure helmets fit properly, and hand out Rules of the Road cards printed in both English and Spanish. There are many familiar faces from last week – riders whose bikes were already outfitted bring a spare, bring the bike of a friend or relative, or just come to hang out and chat. Julio, who works in the kitchen at the Viking Hotel, was here last week. He stops at Leo’s after his day shift atop a shiny black mountain bike. He says the lights he received “have been great for riding home.”

The vast majority of the cyclists are men who, like Julio, work in the hospitality or restaurant industries. Yolando, who’s employed at 41° North, says he “loves riding home from work” after a long shift. Like all service industry jobs, the busy night shifts don’t get out until around midnight or later, making for a dangerous ride home.

Campos smiles as he dons a bright yellow Night Bright reflective safety vest. Safety is a big concern for him. “Last year alone, there were several accidents,” he says. “Not major accidents, but they ended up in the hospital. Wear a helmet, because it’ll save your life.”

While adjusting the elastic straps on a cyclist’s helmet, George says, “It’s been exciting to see this dream turn real. And the support of the bike shops makes it happen. It’s a really fine indication of what we can do together as a community. Hopefully we’re modeling it for other communities as well – let’s just get people lit! If you know there’s a problem, deal with it, address it, and make it better.”

Night Bright will continue throughout the fall at Leo’s Market, neighborhood churches, and places of employment. Suggestions from the public for distribution locations and times are welcome and may be emailed, along with requests for more information, to info@bikenewportri.org.

George stresses that Night Bright is a reminder that every rider needs to be visible at night. Bike Newport urges all cyclists to be safe, smart, and legal by riding with lights, bell, helmet, and reflective apparel. Local suppliers include Ten Speed Spokes and Newport Bicycle in Newport, and Pedal Power in Middletown. See and be seen!


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