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The Newport Health Equity Zone’s (HEZ) goal is increased resident participation in walking and bicycling for transportation, exercise, and recreation in Newport, RI. Bike Newport partners with the HEZ to ensure they accomplish their goals. Beyond the physical and emotional health benefits of active transportation, any mode of transportation allows residents to access many health related services and reduces the feeling of isolation and stress. So, what can you do to help? For example, you could drive less, walk or bike more. Perhaps organize a walk or bike ride in your community, join a neighborhood association and promote biking and walking, volunteer with Bike Newport and don’t forget you can lobby elected officials  to create new/or apply to established funding sources. As a private business or a community organization there are many ways to help empower your employees, customers and clients to be more active and help create an equitable, healthy and vibrant Newport. We have leaflets and resources to help you spread the word and encourage those around you to use active transportation. For example you could install a bike rack outside your business to encourage employees and customers to ride more. (Find out how here) , take part in Bike To Work Day, have bike friendly facilities in your workplace, like showers and lockers. Perhaps you could offer incentives to employee to bike, walk or take the bus, or partner with schools to promote biking. There always something to do to encourage folks to help create an equitable, healthy and vibrant Newport. For more information, contact clare@bikenewportri.org or visit The Newport Health Equity Zone or follow them on Facebook. The post Active transportation – what can you do to help? appeared first on Bike Newport.



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Thanks to the generous support of the van Beuren Charitable Foundation, Bike Newport is seeking the dedicated assistance of a development professional. This new member of the Bike Newport team will help us to secure more resources available in support of the myriad benefits of bicycling – from health, environment, and economy, to productivity, preservation, and happiness.

Are you a fundraising and development expert who wants to work in support of bikeable and walkable communities? Do you have a passion for innovative solutions that improve equity, mobility, quality of life, and quality of place? Or maybe you know just the right person to help us deliver on our promise to improve and encourage biking in the best interest of our people, our environment, and our economy.

Find out more about this position and the application requirements HERE. Learn more about Bike Newport by exploring our website.

Applications will be accepted through Friday, February 12th. Thank you!

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Lucky Brooklyn!! Mr. Mark is packing up and heading to the Coolest Borough. Our loss, Brooklyn’s gain.

As we wish Mark, Megan, Lucy and Tiki well, we are committed to finding the exceptional educator who will keep Mark’s dream alive and take what he has built to the next level.

From our Bike Garages to the schools and neighborhoods, Bike Newport is busy educating and encouraging, spreading bikes, bike love, bike skills, and bike know-how.

The right candidate to jump in the saddle will be a dedicated educator who is personable, passionate, well-organized, detail-oriented, community loving, and a bike enthusiast supreme! Click HERE for details. Application deadline is January 4th.

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