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Things are heating up at the Big Blue Bike Barn as we start not one, not two, but three new classes to help bike riders of all stripes build their confidence over a series of five sessions. Reserve your spot now!* Roll Models: Mondays, July 22 – August 19 3:30pm – 5pm It’s good to… ; ;read ;more The post New Classes At The Big Blue Bike Barn appeared first on Bike Newport.



The Rhode Island Bicycle Coalition (RI Bike) is organizing a Complete Smart Cycling Class via Bike Newport and would love for you to join us. The Complete Smart Cycling Class is a very helpful overview about riding with traffic for everyone – and pre-requisite for Instructor Training. Everyone who attends this class will be better informed about road sharing and basic bicycle to be safer on the roads. We need more people to have this information and to share it with others, in particular by volunteering and helping out with Bike Newport rides and education programs. It will be a one day course on August 26th (possible different date) and it’s free! RI Bike is providing the instructor and all materials. A few details: The Complete Smart Cycling Class is a fast-paced, class that provides cyclists with the confidence to ride safely and legally in traffic or on the trail and how to teach children to ride cautiously and conspicuously while on their own. We will cover the basics of bike maintenance, rules of the road, on-bike skills, and crash avoidance techniques. This class is a prerequisite for becoming a certified League Cycling Instructor from the League of American Bicyclists. It’s broken down into: 1) A classroom session at one time ~ approx 4 hours 2) An on-road session which includes: A ride where the students take turns leading the group and are expected to stop, start, turn right and left, place them selves in the appropriate place in the lanes, etc Parking lot drills: the prescribed 8 avoidance and emergency exercises ~3-4 hours depending on class size. The written test and review with final questions, awarding of certificate takes about 1 hour. If you use the on-line test then this takes about 30 minutes. If you’re interested in this course, please email clare@bikenewportri.org with your interest. The post Complete Smart Cycling Class – Please join us. appeared first on Bike Newport.



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It’s time to make the switch to everyday bicycling. We’re here to help.

Are you a recreational rider who’s ready to ditch the car for everyday commuting and errands? Do you ride on trails or bike paths on the weekends but need some support in making the transition to riding with traffic? Are you just getting back on a bike for the first time in years? Join us for a four hour comprehensive workshop on biking for transportation.

Sign up HERE.

The afternoon will begin in the classroom, progress to practicing bike maneuvering skills in a car-free parking lot, and culminate in a 3-mile city ride in small, intimate groups led by instructors. You will gain experience riding with traffic in a variety of on-road conditions, applying the safe riding techniques you learned in the classroom and out in the parking lot.

MUST HAVES: a bike, helmet, and basic riding skills. Sign up HERE.

Space is limited! Bike Newport members receive 15% off all classes. This class is certified by the League of American Bicyclists.

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All cyclists know the feeling of weightlessness that can accompany a great ride. When the saddle drops away and your pumping legs become wings propelling you forward on gusts of fresh oxygen. You travel shimmering, Donnie Darko-style through time and space – not even potholes or ruts can shake your balance. This experience of effortless action is a state of flow, defined by psychologist and author Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi as “a sense of heightened focus, and immersion in activities such as art, play and work.” 

On Tuesday night, Bike Newport and our friends at Thames Street Yoga combined two flow activities – cycling and yoga – for one beautiful evening of mindful exercise. After a 10-mile Ocean Drive loop, we met back up at the King Park gazebo for a one-hour vinyasa flow class taught by the lovely Leslie Theobald.

We’re thrilled to embark on this new riding experience this summer. If you’re a yogi, we hope you’ll come along for the ride and experience the transcendence of biking the Drive. If you’re a cyclist who’s never done yoga before, we think you should consider the many physical and mental benefits of the practice.

We’ll have two more events in the Biking + Yoga Series, happening on Tuesdays August 5th and September 9th. Meet at King Park at 5:45 and be prepared to roll out at 6. Thanks to all who rode and flowed with us last night!

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