Providence East Side Scavenger Hunt



Providence East Side Scavenger Hunt

Here’s your Friday challenge. This hunt combines road riding with some off-road trails. Of course, the reward is all the interesting things there are to see along the way. Take advantage of the long weekend and see how many pictures you can match. Follow the cue sheet and keep your eyes peeled!

Cue Sheet

Start at Angell and Hope

Proceed north on Hope

Right on Chase (Just before Lippitt Park)

Right on Blackstone Blvd

Left on Irving Avenue

Right on River Road

Straight across the small circle in front of Waterman Grille 

Right on Pitman

Left on Gano Bikeway (Old Bridge Path) through Gano Park

At Gano Street left on new bike path extension

Through India Point Park along the river

Left onto India Street (turns into Bridge Street)

Right onto Wickenden Street

Left onto Ives

Left onto Angell

End at Hope Street