CommuterDid you know that 3-5 mile trips made in a city are often faster by bicycle? Many cyclists also enjoy commuting even longer distances by bicycle, especially in fair weather. Providence is in some ways an ideal city in which to bicycle, if you live in the city you cannot be farther than 5 miles from downtown. The City of Providence is currently working on a Providence Bike Network, a series of streets recommended for folks bicycling around the city. The Providence Bike Network will eventually be signed or striped depending on the width of the roads. There are currently two major bicycle paths that connect directly to the city, the East Bay Bicycle Path and the Washington Secondary (Cranston). Both paths provide a scenic and car-free ride into the city.

Those who live farther away will also be happy to know that you can easily combine a bus trip with a bike trip using the Rack N Ride feature on RIPTA buses. Your bike rides for free.

Pick a nice day when you won’t need your car all day and try out bicycle commuting. It’s easier than you might think. Especially if you plan your ride ahead of time and use the information available on this site to get prepared. Once you have a strategy bicycle commuting is simple. And it becomes easier the more you do it.