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Portland, Cultivating a Culture of Two Wheels

The NYTimes had a recent article discussing the impact cycling has had on the economy of Portland, Or.  While the article says that Mia Birk, a former city employee who helped lead Portland’s efforts to expand cycling in the 1990s, READ MORE



Bristol Plans Restrooms for the Bike Path

The Projo had a recent article about how the Bristol Town Council is considering building some bathrooms at the end of the East Bay Bike Path. For those of us who commute via the bike path, this would be a READ MORE



Seattle council OKs bicycle plan

The Seattle City Council unanimously approved a plan Monday to create 118 miles of new bike lanes and 19 miles of trails in the city. Census figures show about 2 percent of workers traveled to work via bike in 2000 READ MORE



SLO Share The Road Campaign

If you haven’t heard of the San Luis Obispo County Bicycle Coalition you don’t know what you are missing! The SLO County Bicycle Coalition is proud to announce a new phase of its Share the Road campaign with a set READ MORE



Massachusetts Bicycle Safety Legislation

While our focus is advocacy for cyclists in and around the Providence area, there are many of us who spend time cycling in Massachusetts. A recent post came across the NBW email list that we thought might be of interest. READ MORE



Letter to the Director of RIDOT

RIDOT is currently in the process of trying to hire a replacement Chief Engineer. This position can have a huge impact on prioritizing RIDOT projects and, in some ways, the future of cycling in the state. PBC decided to use READ MORE



work items for the Coalition?

Here’s something to consider: One of the reasons that many of Providence’s streets are such a disaster is that the utility companies, after digging then patching, don’t return to resurface after their patches have sunk. Recently I learned (I think READ MORE