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I sent a question about traffic-light sensors into “Ask RIDOT” a while back and just happened to notice they answered it. The bottom line appears to be: RIDOT does not currently use bicycle detection at signalized intersections. The Department has READ MORE



Bike lanes on Blackstone Blvd: Part 2

The first Boulevard bike lane striping entry on this website attracted far more comments – pro and con – than any other topic that has ever appeared on this site. So it wasn’t terribly surprising that the public meeting, held READ MORE



Year of the Bicycle?

The people over at posted an article about whether high oil prices will make 2008 the year of the bicycle. Oil costs are surpassing $100 a barrel, global warming alarm calls are mounting, polluting autos and trucks increasingly clog READ MORE




Some progressive cities have begun using sharrows, shared road markings, to remind motorists that bicycles have a right to the road and that we may well be riding farther in the lane than they would expect. Unfortunately, cities that have READ MORE



Bike Lanes on Blackstone Boulevard? For real. Read on…

Years of work has led to the scheduling of a public meeting regarding striping bike lanes onto Blackstone Boulevard. It is imperative that as many bike lane boosters as possible be in attendance to show the City that the community READ MORE



Free Bikes for College Students?

Not in Providence (yet), but it is happening for a small college in Wisconsin, in an effort to reduce traffic congestion and parking stress. Check it out here! Just imagine what the neighborhoods around Brown and PC would look like…



STC Meeting Update

A small contingent from Bike-To-Brown, Brown Cycling, and other concerned cyclists attended todays State Traffic Commission (STC) meeting.  The agenda item we were most interested in was the RIDOT proposal restricting bicycles from the Henderson Bridge roadway during the upcoming READ MORE



City of Providence bike plan map

The version of the city’s bike plan map currently posted on the planning dept. website is not the final version.  This one, however, is.



RIDOT Asking to Ban Bikes on Henderson Roadways

I posted this over on the Bike-To-Brown site as well, but it’s important enough to repeat it here.  RIDOT has a request listed on the agenda for the February 13th, 2008 meeting of the State Traffic Commission (STC) to: approve READ MORE



Cyclist Told He Shouldn’t be on the Road – By Police

This morning’s Projo had a letter to the editor from a cyclist who was told he shouldn’t be on the streets, by a police officer.  The cyclist was out for a ride on New Year’s day and returned through Providence.  READ MORE