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Traffic Deaths Down in 42 States

This is the link to an article in USA today that bike advocates will likely be glad to see:  Traffic Deaths Down in 42 States. suffice it to say: “There’s growing evidence that declines in travel are leading to declines READ MORE



Risking Life and Limb, Riding a Bike to Work in L.A. Cyclists, Banned on Freeways and Reviled By Drivers, Save a Buck and Make a Point By RHONDA L. RUNDLE August 1, 2008; Page A1 LOS ANGELES — Paula Rodriguez, who lives in the San Fernando Valley, got so disgusted with soaring READ MORE



No-Car Zone in NYC this August

On 3 Days in August, City Will Try No-Car Zone By WILLIAM NEUMAN and FERNANDA SANTOS Published: June 17, 2008 It has been a long-held dream of New Yorkers of a certain (greenish) stripe: the streets of Manhattan free of READ MORE



Peak hour tolls are a big part of Oregon governor’s transportation agenda Oregon needs tough measures to cope with growing volumes of traffic, says Gov. Ted Kulongoski Saturday, April 12, 2008 GAIL KINSEY HILL The Oregonian Gov. Ted Kulongoski on READ MORE



In advance of National Bike to Work Week (May 12-16), the Sierra Club presents a workshop on how to effectively use your bicycle as transportation to and from work, school, or errands. From outfitting yourself and your bicycle, to safe READ MORE