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Do you have questions about the Bond Issues on the Rhode Island Special Election ballot? You may want to tune in to Common Cause RI’s Demystifying Democracy seminar on Thursday, February 25, starting at 7 PM. RI’s Treasurer Seth MagazinerRead More



As you know there are many health concerns right now regarding COVID-19. Bike Newport is working hard to stay on top of the developments as the situation evolves. Here’s some insight into our planning and how they affect how we conduct programs and business at Bike Newport. What Bike Newport is doing: Bike Newport will… ; ;read ;more The post Regarding COVID-19 appeared first on Bike Newport.



The post below first appeared on the Bike Newport blog. Originally posted here: Highlights of 2019 and plans for 2020



The post below first appeared on the Bike Newport blog. See the article here:  Bike Newport Cocktail Hour (with door prizes)



Major Amendment 19 will reduce the total net budget for Transportation Alternatives (TAP) by $37 million. While some projects are simply no longer being tracked anymore (see “Project shifted to Green Economy Bond Funding”), others have had funding reduced (someRead More



The Department of Transportation is proposing $37 million in cuts to funding for bicycling and walking yet again in a new amendment to the statewide transportation improvement program. The state and our representative need to hear from people like you thatRead More



The Rhode Island Department of Transportation is slashing funding for bicycle projects again, despite 78.9% approval for the recent Green Economy Bond. After withdrawing its proposal to cut $27 million from the Transportation Alternatives Program earlier this year, RIDOT is nowRead More



There are many, especially in the bicycle community, who are aware how the drive-everywhere culture has eroded the quality of both cities and the countryside, that transportation emissions are the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions, that always driving contributesRead More



Bike to Work Day is the origin of all National Bike Month events.  Started in 1956, this day is a time to try out commuting to work by bike, even if that’s not something you’d normally do.  This year, BikeRead More



Establishing offenses for harming or killing someone walking, biking, or riding a scooter won’t end road violence in Rhode Island, but it does pave the way for an inclusive future that accounts for EVERYONE using our streets. The Rhode IslandRead More