Legislative Priorities 2014



Legislative Priorities 2014

Source: http://www.jakewelchlaw.com/usr/gavel%20right%20one.jpgIn 2010  the state legislature passed a safe passing law for passing people on bicycles called Frank’s Law.  We were further cheered in 2012 with a revision to the Complete Streets statute.

We have been unsuccessful in having the state adopt a Vulnerable Roadway User law in the 3 legislative sessions spanning 2011 through 2013.  For 2014, RIBIKE is not putting forward any legislation of its own.  However, we will not be sitting idle, our Legislative Committee Chairperson, Barry Schiller will be registering as a lobbyist and monitoring relevant legislation to our goals.  To that ends, the following is RIBIKE’s official statement and policy on legislation in the state for 2014.

The Rhode Island Bicycle Coalition supports legislation that can improve roadway safety and help finance bicycle infrastructure.  In particular RIBike supports efforts to reduce dangerous driving, including drunk, distracted and reckless driving.  The means to succeed in this is through improved driver education, enhanced and consistent enforcement and closed loopholes in related laws.

The coalition’s support for measures that can lead to enhanced financing of bicycle infrastructure comes from our interest in maintaining and extending our bike path network, redesigning existing roadways to better accommodate bicycles, improving signage, and in promoting proper maintenance activities including sweeping of roadway shoulders.

From Barry:

To implement this, I encourage all interested to monitor relevant legislation as bills get introduced.  Please let me, or Matt, know what you come across.  I intend to register as a lobbyist for RIBike to be able to support relevant bills in the name of the Coalition.   I welcome anyone else who would also like to do this, to please let Matt or me know about this interest.  The idea is to monitor bills that are introduced and make recommendations (at meetings, or by e-mail) to the ribike board if they seem to qualify and if so, discuss withlegislators and other interested groups, speak at hearings etc.

To reach Barry or Matt, use the Contact form, leave us a voicemail at (401) 297-b1ke (297-2153) or email: info [@] ribike.org.