2011 Annual Report



2011 Annual Report

As we come to the end of 2011, and begin to ask you to consider becoming a voting member of RIBIKE, I thought it important to let you know what we’ve accomplished, how we’ve spent out time, and our financial situation.  Thanks to our donors, partners and granter for their support and contributions.  And of course, thanks to our volunteers, without whom, nothing would get done.

In 2011, we executed a well attended Bike To Work Day in Providence, with live television coverage on The Rhode Show, and the participation of Mayor Taveras and Representative Art Handy.  Vice President and Legislative Committee Chair Barry Schiller worked with sponsors to have Vulnerable Roadway User legislation introduced in both the house and senate, and organized RIBIKE members and related, interested groups attend Senate and House hearings in support of the legislation.

For 2012, I’m excited to think about the possibilities of partnering with more organizations to get Vulnerable Roadway User legislation enacted, which would serve to toughen fines for injuring anyone not in a vehicle above the current level.  We’re working on a mid-winter movie event which we should be able to announce shortly and I’m looking forward to Bike Month in May, with some new events in the planning stages.

Matt Moritz
President of the Board


2011 Annual Report

Projects and Activities:

Vulnerable Roadway User
– New legislation introduced in RI House and Senate that would increase the fine for seriously injuring or killing a person not in a vehicle with a vehicle.  Currently referred to the committee in both houses with initial hearings held.  In 2012 we hope to be able to get additional hearings with appropriate amendment and movement out of committee to a floor vote.

Bike To Work Week and Day
– New this year, we worked with partner organizations to have a bicycling centered event every day of the week for Bike To Work Week.  We also hosted the annual Breakfast for Riders and celebration of riding to work on Bike To Work Day.
– We also partnered with BikeNewport to offer the first ever Bike To Work Day events in the City of Newport.
– Both events sponsored by a grant from Narragansett Bay Wheelmen and made possible through the contributions of our various partners (see below).

Light Up The Night
– For the second year, Legend Bicycle has donate lights to RIBIKE to distribute for free to riders without any illumination around Providence.  This year over 85 light sets were installed, up from 45  in 2010.  In 2011 we also partnered with Bike Newport to distribute lights to restaurant workers who commute by bike.  All made possible by a grant from the Narragansett Bay Wheelmen.

Elmwood Ave Repaving/Re-Striping
– Engaged with Community WorksRI and the Elmwood Neighborhood Association to review and support the communities desires to have Elmwood be a Complete Street that serves the neighborhood’s needs safely, as well as inclusion of bike lanes for the 2 mile length from near downtown to just north of Roger Williams Park.

Providence Bike Plan
– Supporting Providence Department of Planning’s grant application to Statewide planning for the development of a new bike plan for the city.

George Redman Linear Park
– Continued to advocate to RIDOT to find creative ways to keep this vital link between Providence and the East Bay communities open during construction.  Unfortunately, no accommodation seems possible.

2013-2016 TIP Development
– Providing comment and support for partner organizations for suggesting prioritization of projects to the TAC subcommittee responsible for projects impacting walking and biking throughout the state.

New Logo and Materials
– We worked with a local artist to have a new logo created encompassing all of the things that make riding a bicycle in Rhode Island a rewarding and worthwhile experience.
– Using the new logo, we’ve had a set of reflective “bike bumper stickers” printed.  Featuring the RIBIKE logo and whimsical statements to remind us and those around us that riding a bike is FUN!

Commuter Guide Development
– A small committee of people has worked to produce a commuter guide, to be printed and distributed in 2012.  Leveraging work done by other organizations around the country, and customizing to reflect the laws of our state and other relevant local information.


RIBIKE applied for and received one grant in 2012 from the Narragansett Bay Wheelmen.  It’s scope was to fund the annual operating costs for the website, Bike To Work Day events in Newport and Providence, and Light Up The Night events in Newport and Providence.


The following individuals and organizations made donations to RIBIKE, for which we are extremely grateful.

  • Narragansett Bay Wheelmen
  • Kenneth Gould
  • Legend Bicycle
  • Anonymous
  • Betty Bourret


We could not have held successful Bike To Work Day and Light Up The Night events without the help, support and contributions of the following businesses and individuals.

Bike To Work Day

Light Up The Night


  • Narragansett Bay Wheelmen
  • REI
  • New Harvest Coffee Roasters
  • Whole Foods
  • Dash Bicycle
  • Legend Bicycle
  • Recycle-A-Bike
  • Eric Weis


  • Bike Newport
  • US Open Cycling Foundation

  • Jack Madden
  • Legend Bicycle
  • Recycle-A-Bike


  • Narragansett Bay Wheelmen
  • Bike Newport
  • Newport Bicycles











The below information is an unaudited summary of our accounts, as of December 4th, 2012.  All effort has been made to ensure accuracy.