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… ditching the car, enjoying the ride and skipping the traffic and parking hassles. Here’s how to BIKE to the Festivals.

Just one request – okay two – bring your LIGHTS and HELMET. You’ll likely be leaving after dark and mother wants you to be SAFE and VISIBLE.  Jeepers, kids, we know you’re a rock star in the saddle, and we all love wind in our hair, but it’s a ZOO out there.  Here are some local TIPS (and laws) for your safety.

Please be aware that Newport in the summer is congested and drivers can be distracted. You should expect heavier traffic during the Festivals. Ride carefully, pay extra attention and give yourself plenty of time to ride over.

Another thing – Newport is known for its history and beauty –  but not so much for the condition of the roads. Watch for holes and ruts!

Thanks to the Newport Folk and Jazz Festivals for being BIKE FRIENDLY EVENTS!


Feel free to park anywhere in Newport where long-term parking is permitted – be sure to check signs for restrictions. Or, you can head straight to our dedicated “Park n’ Bike” lot at 437 Broadway (Bike Newport HQ) – a very convenient location if arriving from the bridge or from the north. There is no charge for parking, though donations to your fab host – Bike Newport – are always welcome! Donations support bike education and road sharing initiatives.

Map location of 437 Broadway

Bicycle Route from 437 Broadway to Fort Adams

Driving directions to 437 Broadway parking lot from the Newport Pell Bridge:  Take the 114 North/Fall River/Cape Cod exit off the bridge. (Do not take the downtown Newport exit.) At the end of the ramp, take a left on Admiral Kalbfus Rd. Travel .6 miles and take a right on Broadway, then .3 miles to #437 on the left. Look for a “Park n’ Bike” sign marking the driveway. Park in our lot and ride the 5 miles to Fort Adams, looking for the yellow cyclist road signs along the way.


Just look for the Bike Newport cyclist signs and follow him (her?) to Fort Adams! We highly recommend you also check the maps below.  You can pull them all up on your phone. Happy cycling! Reminder – bring lights!! You’ll likely be heading home in the dark. 

Bicycle route from downtown Newport to Fort Adams


Get to know our partners RIPTA and NuRide when you visit our bike parking area at the festivals and be sure to thank them for supporting more and better bicycling!

AT FORT ADAMS: Bike Parking and Tune Ups

Talk about premiere parking! When you arrive at Fort Adams, go ahead and pass all the cars backed up and out of the park, bike all the way in and right up to the Entrance Gate – that’s where you’ll find Bike Parking. Volunteers and mechanics from Bike Newport and REI will be on hand to help you. You can sign up for some basic maintenance while you’re inside at the show.  Brake work, gear adjustment, or how about a nice clean ‘n polish job?  All proceeds benefit Bike Newport’s programs for youth. Uber thanks to our friends and partners at REI.

Photo credit: Brian Lima


Want to lend a hand at the festivals? We need all the help we can get parking up to 1,000 bikes a day. All volunteers receive a wristband to the event as well – help us make Newport’s biggest summer event a bike-friendly one and catch some fabulous acts while you’re at it! Email or call us at (401) 619-4900 to sign up. 


Newport’s very own bicycle advocacy organization is bringing you all the bike support goodies – Park n’ Bike, Bike Routes, Bike Maps, Bike Parking, On-Site Tune-Ups and Bike Power – because we LOVE bikes and we LOVE the Folk and Jazz Festivals and we LOVE when you all leave your cars home and enjoy the ride.

Bike Newport – working to improve and encourage cycling in and around Newport. Thanks for being part of the solution!

ABOUT REI: Our Folk Fest Bike Parking Partner

We know and love REI as the premier outdoor retail co-op dedicated to inspiring, educating and outfitting its members and the community for a lifetime of outdoor adventure and stewardship. In addition to offering  high-quality award-winning outdoor gear and apparel, REI is passionate about the outdoors and committed to promoting environmental stewardship and increasing access to outdoor recreation through volunteerism, gear donations, and financial contributions. REI volunteers and mechanics will be on hand at the 2014 Folk Festival to support bike parking and help with bike tuneups. Visit REI here and sign up for REI classes here. THANKS, REI!


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All cyclists know the feeling of weightlessness that can accompany a great ride. When the saddle drops away and your pumping legs become wings propelling you forward on gusts of fresh oxygen. You travel shimmering, Donnie Darko-style through time and space – not even potholes or ruts can shake your balance. This experience of effortless action is a state of flow, defined by psychologist and author Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi as “a sense of heightened focus, and immersion in activities such as art, play and work.” 

On Tuesday night, Bike Newport and our friends at Thames Street Yoga combined two flow activities – cycling and yoga – for one beautiful evening of mindful exercise. After a 10-mile Ocean Drive loop, we met back up at the King Park gazebo for a one-hour vinyasa flow class taught by the lovely Leslie Theobald.

We’re thrilled to embark on this new riding experience this summer. If you’re a yogi, we hope you’ll come along for the ride and experience the transcendence of biking the Drive. If you’re a cyclist who’s never done yoga before, we think you should consider the many physical and mental benefits of the practice.

We’ll have two more events in the Biking + Yoga Series, happening on Tuesdays August 5th and September 9th. Meet at King Park at 5:45 and be prepared to roll out at 6. Thanks to all who rode and flowed with us last night!

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