Advocacy Meeting, Monday Feb. 11 @ Brown Bookstore



Advocacy Meeting, Monday Feb. 11 @ Brown Bookstore

We will be having our regularly scheduled advocacy meeting tonight in the 2nd floor lounge area of the brown bookstore.   Please come think about something other than snow covered roads for a little while to join us in the discussion of current and future projects.

For tonights Agenda:

  1. Reveal The Path recap
  2. Commuter Guide update
  3. National Bike Summit (1 month away)
  4. Cycle Sprints event series
  5. Bike Month planning/team formation (4 months away)
  6. Spring Project – SmartCycling classes


I’ve been told that parking near brown is limited, due to the narrow plowing the streets have received.


Meeting Location:

Brown Book Store
2nd floor lounge
244  Thayer Street
Providence, RI 02906