EBBP Closure – Northern Section



EBBP Closure – Northern Section

We are getting reports that barrels are up blocking the East Bay Bike Path and cyclists are being told to turn around if they ride past them.  The sewer project has officially started on the bike path.

Unfortunately, it appears that East Providence is concurrently ripping up the portion of Veteran’s Parkway near where the end of the pipe will come out.  They have the road closed down to a single lane, just wide enough for cars to pass through, one side at a time.  If you are planning to ride through this section, it’s a perfect time to TAKE THE LANE.  As a cyclists, you have ever right to do so and this is the safest way to pass through a one lane section like this.  Ride in such a way that cars can not squeeze by you.  The section is short, assert yourself and most importantly ensure you keep yourself safe.

If you are nervous about riding through the detour, we have a few people who are willing to ride with you, at your pace.  If you contact us, we will put you in touch with someone to ride with and you can arrange a time and location to meet.