Bike Train Questions



Bike Train Questions

We’ve received a few general questions about our bike trains now, great to see people expressing interest in them!

Q: Do you need to be a fast bicyclist or is it open to novice to moderate riders?
A: While we are happy to have experienced cyclists and commuters join the trains, our main focus for this project is new commuters.  We welcome novice cyclists, but do ask that everyone show up with a bike in good working order, with properly inflated tires, and a helmet.  If you haven’t been out on your bicycle for a while, you might want to consider taking it by a reputable bike shop for a quick tuneup and safety check before joining one of our trains.

Q: Is there a fee for this service?
A: Nope, there is still such a thing as a completely free, no strings attached service.

Q: Do you have to pre-register for this service?
A: Nope, just show up at the appropriate time.

Q: Are you offering a return service?
A: We do not plan on offering a formal return service, purely based on the difficulty of trying to organize after work schedules. If you would like to join someone else for the ride home, I’d suggest you talk with your leader or other members of the group and figure out a schedule that would work for everyone involved.