… and this person probably still has their license



… and this person probably still has their license

I happened upon this YouTube video that I’m still shocked by:

From what I could gather, this person was upset over getting pulled over for speeding.  The police officer is doing his best to be polite and suggest that the person can take up their concerns with either the chief of police or a judge, the appropriate course of action.  Instead of accepting this, they appear to purposfully back up into the police car.  I assume this is the case, given how fast they accelerate in a short distance and that the police officer can be heard, repeatedly, telling the person to turn off their car.

Is it just me or is this truly frightening?  This person clearly doesn’t care about the authority of the police, how would they interact with a cyclist?  I’m not saying that this is your average driver and we have no clue what ocurred before this incident, but still, the simple fact remains that they drove up onto the hood of a police car!  Had this been a cyclists the motorist was angry with, they would probably be dead.

I’ve had plenty of close calls with motorists who clearly seem angry with cyclists for their mere existence on the roadways.  I have always calmed myself down after one of these encounters by telling myself that regardless of how the motorists talk, when it actually came time to act, they would place value on another person’s life and stop themselves.  I’ll continue to do tell myself this, but a video like this sure does make you wonder…

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  • Alan Barta
    Apr 16, 2009 at 10:51 am

    You can't base laws on the bizarre and rare actions of mental defectives. All that does is hold normal motorists hostage. Anecdotes are not trends. The important statistic is that auto accidents are the leading cause of death among young adults.

    There's a 4 way stop at every neighborhood intersection because a few drivers speed there instead of obeying traffic lights. Those of us who don't speed or use alternative transportation are unnecessarily aggravated by this. Too many controls, too many lanes and too much traffic create more accidents.

    Tolls at RI's borders would discourage out of state drivers who race through here and never visit. This was one of a dozen recommendations that I made to the RIDOT Blue Ribbon Panel. The knee-jerkers scream, not me! tourism! But you could free-pass anyone with a RI plate. This would recover some lost revenue from the mob of RI motorists who register vehicles in FL and elsewhere.

    Nobody pays any attention to this site, or they'd already be revoking licenses of idiots like that. Nice update is that public pressure has denied Dave "Traffic" Hazard his license. He can sell the farm, move close to civilization, ride a bike.