Fox Point / College Hill / Wayland charrette summary



Fox Point / College Hill / Wayland charrette summary

Last night the city presented its summary of the charrette process for these 3 East Side neighborhoods.  The following bullets are the specifically bicycle-related items in the summary.  There is a bit of overlap due to items appearing in more than one area of the summary document.  I have boldfaced a few items that I think can be easily implemented and have an impact.

  • continue to identify opportunities for expansion of the city’s bicycle network, including on-street bike lanes and off-street multi-use paths
  • install “bike watering stations” along off-street paths such as the Blackstone and the extension of the East Bay Bike Path
  • provide continuous off-street bicycle paths along the waterfront wherever feasible, using on-street facilities where needed to ensure continuity
  • explore opportunities to expand shoreline pedestrian and bicycle facilities through the Butler Hospital and Swan Point Cemetery properties
  • amend the Zoning Ordinance to establish bicycle parking requirements for businesses
  • continue to expand the existing bicycle network by identifying and installing bicycle lanes where possible (such as Irving and Humboldt Streets) and “share the road” signs on major streets
  • create a new shared-use path as part of the repair and restoration of the Henderson Bridge

There were also items not specific to bicycling, but which will clearly affect cycling in these neighborhoods.  Here are a few:

  • prioritize streetscape and pedestrian improvements along key connections between open spaces and community anchors [schools, commercial districts, religious facilities – – Eric]
  • complete the signal synchronization and upgrade project on Angell and Waterman Streets
  • design neighborhood gateways at highway off-ramps to slow traffic and relate to the tighter neighborhood grid.  Examples include Gano St and Wickenden/South Water/South Main
  • encourage residents to report infrastructure problems such as pot holes, missing signs, damaged sidewalks, damaged street lights, and backed-up street drains using the City’s Complaint Management System
  • Develop a response system to inform residents of the outcome of their complaints. Update: a new citywide complaint system has been implemented through the Department of Neighborhood Services

There are 3 more rounds of neighborhood charrettes.  December 2008: Federal Hill, Reservoir, and West End, January 2009: Charles and Wanskuck, and February 2009: Hartford, Silver Lake, and Manton.  Notices for these meetings will be posted on; let’s try to get good numbers of bike advocates at each of them!