Climate Ride 2008



Climate Ride 2008

The people over at Climate Ride are planning a ride to raise awareness about the need to address climate changes.  The have put out a call for participation:

Join us this Fall for the first multi-day supported bicycle tour where you pedal to raise money and awareness for action on global warming. Climate Riders will cycle 320 miles in five days from New York City to Washington D.C., following scenic country roads and finishing on the steps of our nation’s capitol, where we will make a statement about our country’s need for action.

Along the way, expert speakers will educate and inspire Climate Riders and local communities about the science, the policies and the solutions to global warming. Our riders and the communities we pass through will learn how our government, businesses, and all Americans will benefit from a cleaner, healthier climate. This is a unique event–a fundraiser and climate conference on wheels, and an opportunity to meet people who are engaged in making a difference.  Each rider will be responsible for raising $2,250. Proceeds from the ride benefit Clean Air – Cool Planet and Focus the Nation, two
organizations that lead the way in expanding climate change education, encouraging renewable energy policies, and promoting solutions to global warming.  The five-day ride will be entirely supported. All you have do to is bike; we take care of the rest.

If you choose to participate in this ride, let us know and we can all track your progress.