RIDOT Asking to Ban Bikes on Henderson Roadways



RIDOT Asking to Ban Bikes on Henderson Roadways

I posted this over on the Bike-To-Brown site as well, but it’s important enough to repeat it here.  RIDOT has a request listed on the agenda for the February 13th, 2008 meeting of the State Traffic Commission (STC) to:

approve the restriction of bicycles to use the sidewalk area only on the Henderson Bridge.

Naturally, this causes some problems:

  1. bicycles can’t legally ride on the sidewalks, the railings are too low
  2. the sidewalks don’t go far enough for people traveling farther East than Massasoit Ave

The meeting is a 10am on February 13th at the State House, Room 203. We should definitely arrange to have one or more people attend.

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  • Paul Klinkman
    Jun 21, 2008 at 2:27 pm

    the state itself blocked off lanes on the Henderson Bridge. They could easily remove one or more Jersey Barriers and let the bikes use those lanes in safety.