Seattle council OKs bicycle plan



Seattle council OKs bicycle plan

The Seattle City Council unanimously approved a plan Monday to create 118 miles of new bike lanes and 19 miles of trails in the city. Census figures show about 2 percent of workers traveled to work via bike in 2000 and advocates say that number has risen to 2.5 percent since. But bike commuting is on the rise. A new city report said that on Sept. 19, at least 2,273 cyclists entered downtown Seattle — nearly one-third more than in 2000. Mayor Greg Nickels (D) said the 10-year Bicycle Master Plan will hopefully triple commuter cycling in the city. “It’s aggressive,” City Councilmember Jan Drago said. “The best thing about it is we’ve got money to implement it. It’s not just sitting on a shelf.”

The city has budgeted $27 million for cycling projects out of a $365 million transportation levy voters approved last fall (Mike Lindblom, Seattle Times, Nov. 6).

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